Waterford English Teachers

EFL Ireland is seeking friendly, confident and energetic EAL teachers for our summer            courses in Waterford, Ireland.


1.      Native or native level English speaker.

2.      Ability to work as a team player and follow curriculum.

3.      Professional in appearance and demeanour.

4.      University/college degree.

5.      Recognized Teaching qualification (TESL/TEFL certificate, CELTA or TESOL)

5.     Applicants must be legally eligible to work in Ireland.

          Main responsibilities

1.      Teaching. (Including lesson preparation and attending daily meetings)

2.      Monitoring. (Break duty and excursions)

Salary and Benefits: Teachers normally earn between €475 & €550 per week for teaching 15 morning contact hours plus two to three afternoon monitoring shifts @€40 per shift. Sometimes teachers can take more afternoon or weekend shifts if desired and they are available.

Payment breakdown:

1.      €25 per hour

2.      €40 per afternoon monitoring student’s recreational activities. (2 – 3 times a week).   There are some occasions where teachers can also make €80/100 to monitor Saturday daytrip excursions.

Each teacher teaches two different classes/levels per day Monday to Friday, one in the  first part of morning and one in the second – this is done to give students exposure to different teachers, methods, accents and of course to keep the students and teachers from getting too bored with each other. For example, you may teach an upper intermediate (C1) from 9:30 until 11:10 and an elementary class (A2) from 11:20 until 13:10.

On Friday, classes finish at 10:50

For this position, teachers need to be flexible, creative, good-natured, safeguarding aware and professional. Our  summer courses have an international outlook and we need our teachers to have a truly global viewpoint regarding English language usage and needs. Teachers must also understand and appreciate that most of our students need English to communicate with speakers of all languages and not just another native English speakers.

Please send cover letter and CV to info@efl-ireland.com.