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8 Great Reasons to book our Summer English Courses in Waterford

‣   Accredited since 2006, our high-quality/best price boutique English language school provides a perfect learning, cultural and social balance for an unforgettable language learning experience.

‣   Our holiday location in Ireland's “Sunny Southeast” is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also the sunniest part of Ireland and, in Ireland's oldest city - it is the heart of Ireland's Ancient East.

‣   We show as much as we tell! Along with local afternoon activities, students enjoy two daytrip excursions each week to Cork, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Wexford and a weekly trip to Dublin; This year we will also attend 25th Anniversary performances of Riverdance July 8 and 29!

‣   Our TEFL teachers work very hard to ensure that learning English is a pleasing and rewarding experience. Our classes are not only interesting and effective, but also lively and enjoyable and always timetabled for mornings followed by afftern0on activities.

‣   We use modern CLIL teaching methods and our highly qualified and experienced TEFL teachers emphasize conversational language and speaking skills which focus on international communication.

‣   We interview, inspect and vet each home. Our hosts consistently get warm compliments from students and group leaders alike.

‣   The Southeastern Irish accent is an easy to understand, neutral sounding one which is neither British, nor American. It is much-loved accent around the world and reflects Ireland's well-deserved reputation for being very relaxed, open-minded and welcoming.

‣   We take competitive, no-nonsense pricing very seriously! Shop around and compare carefully - our prices are not just the best value, they are also 100% ALL INCLUSIVE with no hidden charges: No 'registration', 'placement', 'booking', 'materials', nor any type of nuisance excess fees; additionally, airport transfers are always free!


Advance your English skills, experience Ireland’s unique heritage and culture, make new friends, and enjoy a wonderful language learning adventure!  




July 8 & 29, 2023

Join us July 8 & 29, 2023

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