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EFL Ireland English Courses Waterford


Junior Courses

Advance your English skills, experience Ireland’s unique heritage and culture, make new friends, and enjoy a wonderful language learning adventure!  


Adult Courses

Course Prices



Academic Year & Term Courses


  EFL Ireland Best Price Package includes:     


‣ An excursion to Dublin each week plus another weekly daytrip to Cork, Kilkenny, Tipperary, or Wexford.

‣ 20 lessons (15 hours) weekday morning English classes. with two teachers per day. Average class size is 12 - 15 Max.

‣ High quality afternoon activities with 3-4 off-campus afternoon excursions per week.

‣ Weekly speaking-skills focus clubs: Drama, Karaoke, Videogrqapher.

‣ All transportation costs and entry fees for excursions.

‣ CEFR Certificate & Skills Report.

‣ Countless Wonderful  Memories!

8 Great Reasons to book our Waterford Summer English Courses

‣   Since 2006, our high-quality/best price boutique English language school provides a perfect learning, cultural and social balance for an unforgettable language learning experience.

‣   Our holiday location in Ireland's “Sunny Southeast” is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also the sunniest part of Ireland and, in Ireland's oldest city - it is the heart of Ireland's Ancient East.

‣   We show as much as we tell! Along with local afternoon activities, students also get two daytrip excursions each week to Cork, Kilkenny, Tipperary, Wexford and every week we go to Dublin so most students enjoy a trip to the Capitol City every week.  

‣   Our TEFL teachers work very hard to ensure that learning English is a pleasing and rewarding experience. Our classes are not only interesting and effective, but also lively and enjoyable and always timetabled for mornings followed by affternnon activites.

‣   We use modern CLIL teaching methods and our highly qualified and experienced TEFL teachers emphasize conversational language and speaking skills which focus on international communication.

‣   We interview, inspect and vet each home. Our hosts consistently get warm compliments from students and group leaders alike.

‣   The Southeastern Irish accent is an easy to understand, neutral sounding one which is neither British, nor American. It is much-loved accent around the world and reflects Ireland's well-deserved reputation for being very relaxed, and welcoming.

‣   We take competitive no-nonsense pricing very seriously! Shop around and compare carefully - our prices are not just the best value, they are also 100% ALL INCLUSIVE with no hidden fees: No 'registration', 'placement', 'booking', 'materials', nor any type of nuisance charges; additionally, airport transfers are free!


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July 8 & 29, 2023